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James Yong: Graphic Design
Corporate Identity




Web Design

Stylistically, my work has always leaned towards designs that are clean and purposeful. I pride myself in striving for visual balance and applying good solid concepts. At the same time, I find value in results derived from focus groups and usability studies.

Out of 8 years of professional experience, I've worked in the area of interactive design for the past 4 years. But, my interests lie in other areas as well. I can tackle most projects, adapting comfortably to work on print, advertising, corporate identity, packaging, and exhibit design.

One of my main core values is 'order'. I am driven by managing the creative process through organization, communication and attention to detail. I also have a strong business sense that allows me to meet deadlines and interact with clients well. Being creative while keeping an eye on the best possible solution is my goal. Providing productive, efficient work while maintaining a level of excellence is my main objective.

Contact 415.254.1780james@visualliance.com

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